[360 VR] 밤비노 (Bambino) ‘오빠오빠’ Down & Eyes mode

[360 VR] 밤비노 (Bambino) '오빠오빠' Down & Eyes mode

21일 영어권 외국인들은 유튜브에 게재된 밤비노의 ‘오빠오빠’ 360VR(Virtual Reality) 동영상에 큰 관심을 보였다.
You can watch as the group Bambino dances to their song, in 360 degrees. Just click the arrows on the top left corner. Not a great way to watch them but very fresh and interesting views.

[360 VR] 밤비노 (Bambino) ‘오빠오빠’ Down mode

[360 VR] 밤비노 (Bambino) ‘오빠오빠’ Eyes mode

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