Jeon So Min on Radio Star Reveals that She is Magnetic 전소민 윤박 정상훈 슬리피 라디오스타


On Korean variety show Radio Star, cutey actress Jeon So Min revealed to the world that metals will stick to her face without any trouble. She proved that by putting coins and spoons on her face which stuck just like she stated. But then everyone else tried and was able to do the same thing nullifying her claims. Very funny episode.

이날 ‘라디오스타’는 예능 뱃사공 특집으로 배우 전소민, 윤박, 정상훈, 가수 슬리피가 출연했다. 특히 전소민은 자신의 개인기로 이마에 동전, 숟가락 등을 붙이는 개인기를 보여 4차원 매력을 드러냈다.

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