[MV] MelodyDay(멜로디데이) _ SPEED UP

[MV] MelodyDay(멜로디데이) _ SPEED UP

Girl group “MelodyDay”, with amazing talent and style, returns with [SPEED UP], filled with upgraded melodies and sounds.

If MelodyDay boasted a “bright & bubbly 20s” look in the past album, in the latest [SPEED UP] album, the girls will enchant your heart with an intense new rock-chic look.

탄탄한 실력과 뛰어난 비쥬얼을 겸비한 걸그룹 ‘멜로디데이’가 더욱 다채로워진 멜로디와 강렬해진 사운드로 무장한 [SPEED UP]으로 돌아온다.

実力と優れたビジュアルを兼ね備えたガールズグループ‘MelodyDay(メロディ­デイ)’が、さらに多彩になったメロディーと強烈なサウンドで武装した『SPEED UP』で帰ってくる。

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