Cass Light is the Beer of Choice for Kang Ye Bin & Lee Soo Jung 카스맥주 모델 강예빈 이수정


Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 CF

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 commercial

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 fat

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 sexy

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 cute

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 beer

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 cass

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 light

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 drink

Cass-Light-Kang-Ye-Bin-Lee-Soo-Jung-카스맥주-모델-강예빈-이수정 korean beer

Models Kang Ye Bin and Lee Soo Jung in Cass beer CF. Who’s body looks better? For me, it is Kang Ye Bin all the way!

카스맥주~ 카스라이트 광고속 여자 모델인 강예빈 이수정!!

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