Girl Group GFriend is Fashionable in The Star 걸그룹 여자친구

Girl-Group-GFriend-Star-걸그룹-여자친구 fashion

Girl-Group-GFriend-Star-걸그룹-여자친구 kpop


Kpop girl group GFRIEND’s fashionable photo shoot for the magazine The Star with the concept of ‘Better Together’. The group stated during the interview that their main role model is IU due to her diverse career in different entertainment sectors.

여자친구는 ‘더스타’ 매거진 9월호 화보를 촬영했다. 화보속에서 그동안의 귀엽고 사랑스러운 이미지에서 벗어나 한층 성숙해진 분위기를 자연스럽게 소화해냈다.

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