Horan of Clazziquai Stops All Promotional Activities Due to Her DUI 호란 음주운전

Horan Clazziquai 호란 음주운전 접촉사고 DUI Accident Korean Entertainment

This is such a sad news. Horan of Clazziquai had an accident while intoxicated with alcohol and because of this she decided to stop all of her activities with the group. This literally kills the recently released album of her’s and also the Clazziquai’s. Alcohol has such negative impact in Korean society. People just drink too damn much.

그룹 ‘클래지콰이’의 호란(37)이 음주 및 접촉사고로 적발됐다. 호란은 최근 2년 만에 ‘클래지콰이’로 정규 앨범을 발표했다.

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