Jang Ye Won’s On Air Mistake 장예원 방송사고

Jang Ye Won 장예원 방송사고 olympic rio

Announcer Jang Ye Won stuttered during her coverage of the Rio Olympics. This happened right after the loss of Korean soccer team. She later apologized saying that she was just too emotional because of the loss. Netizens criticized her stating that she should have remained calm as she is a professional.

On another news, she is so f-kin cute!!

장예원 SBS 아나운서의 방송사고에 대한 네티즌의 반응이 엇갈렸다.
14일(이하 한국시각) 2016 리우 올림픽 축구 8강전 후 마이크를 넘겨받은 장예원 아나운서는 남자 육상 400m 준결승 경기를 소개하던 중 울먹였다.

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