Jessi’s Breasts Being Fake Doesn’t Surprise Anyone 해투 제시 스웩

Rapper Jessi Happy Together Breasts 해투 제시 스웩 tits

Rapper Jessi was on the TV show Happy Together and admitted having breasts enlargement. No one was surprised as it was super obvious.

8일 방송된 KBS ‘해피투게더3’에는 ‘힙합 특집’으로 씨잼, 산이, 제시, 정준하가 출연했다. 조세호는 “스웩이 뭐냐”고 질문했고, 제시는 벌떡 일어나 “이런 게 스웩이다”고 자신 만만한 태도를 보였다.

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