Oh My Girl YooA’s Stalker Tales on Radio Star 오마이걸 유아


YooA was on the Radio Star and released information about her stalkers. She stated that when she was attending school, there was a person who tried to kidnap her by a car. Also there were many people who would whisper dirty/inappropriate things in her ear.

Those incidents were the reasons she decided to become famous. She wanted to let her face known so it’ll be harder for stalkers to stalk her.

이날 유아는 “학창시절 나이가 많은 사람부터 젊은 사람들까지 나를 스토킹하는 사람이 많았다. 학교 다닐 때 나를 강제로 차에 태우려는 스토커도 있었다”며 “심지어 지나가다 귀에다 음담패설을 흘리고 가는 사람도 있었다”고 말해 모두를 놀라게 했다.

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