Road Girl Choi Seol Hwa Got Sexually Harassed by RoadFC Fighter 최설화 성추행 로드걸

Road Girl Choi Seol Hwa 최설화 성추행 로드걸 Sexual Harassment  RoadFC Fighter

Road Girl Choi Seul Hwa was grabbed and pulled in by the Road FC fighter during his victory photo time. You can clearly see that Seul Hwa is very uncomfortable and is trying to get away. People are yelling ‘sexual harassment’ but I doubt she will do anything. I feel sorry for her as this is her first year as a Road Girl.

앞서 10일 로드FC 라이트급에서 승리한 파이터 박대성은 트로피를 받고 나서 포토타임을 갖던 중 최설화의 허리를 감싸 안으며 강하게 끌어당겼다. 최설화의 당황스러운 기색이 역력했으나 박대성은 이 같은 행동을 반복헀고 일각에서는 ‘성추행’ 논란을 제기하기도 했다.

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