Sulli’s Sexual Transformation? 설리 에프엑스

Sulli's Sexual  fx 설리 에프엑스

Sulli's Sexual  fx 설리 에프엑스 lace

After quitting the girl group f(x) to focus on acting, Sulli is trying to get rid of her cute idol image and go more mature. At least that’s what people are saying after she posted ‘sexual’ images on her SNS.

The top picture of Sulli with mouth full of instant whipped cream is gathering lots of negative press as it is deemed overly sexual. Also the bottom picture shows what seems to be the lace of her underwear.

People really need to come down. She’s a celebrity and just wants publicity.

On a separate note, she is set to star in a new drama ‘REAL’ with Kim Soo Hyun that is set to start filming earlier next year.

걸그룹 에프엑스(f(x)) 전 멤버 설리가 SNS를 통해 소통할수록 논란만 축적되고 있다. 야릇한 상상력을 일으키는 생크림 먹방 영상에 이어 인증사진 뒤로 비친 속옷 형체도 성적 콘셉트를 의도한 것 아니냐는 의혹을 받고 있다.

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