Women Wearing Red Lipstick are Shallow According to Kim Tae Hee 김태희


Actress Kim Tae Hee, beautiful as always, posted a selfie on her Instagram account. The message associated with the picture basically states, “I am more comfortable wearing red lipstick now. And I feel like playing a shallow character with red lipsticks!”

I kind of know what she was getting at but people took it the wrong way and started attacking Tae Hee. People wanted to know why she thinks people who wear red lipstick are shallow and superficial.

그러나 사진과 함께 언급한 ‘용팔이 이후에 거부감이 사라진 레드립. 레드립의 천박한 캐릭터도 해보고 싶다’의 내용이 누리꾼에게 때아닌 논란거리가 됐다.

대부분의 누리꾼은 이 글에 대해 “어떤 의미의 글인 줄은 짐작 가지만 ‘천박하다’는 어휘가 다소 부적절하다”라며 표현의 아쉬움을 전했다.

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  1. Lusia says:

    The older she gets the more make up she wears… poor aging star

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