World Class Athlete Son Yeon Jae’s Daily Food Intake 손연재

Son Yeon Jae Rhythmic Gymnastics 리듬체조 국가대표 손연재 food

Well wonder no more. Rhythmic Gymnastics athlete Son Yeon Jae was on the TV show Vitamin and revealed to the world what she eats during her competition months.

Breakfast 8 AM: Salad, Plain Yogurt, Fruits
Lunch 12:30 PM: Chicken Breast/Fish, Fruits
Dinner 6 PM: Chicken Breast/Fish, Fruits
Total daily intake is less than 1000Kcal.

I can personally eat her whole day’s calories in a single meal.

리듬체조 국가대표 손연재의 식단이 공개됐다. 25일 방송된 KBS 2TV ‘비타민’에서는 닭가슴살, 생선, 플레인 요거트, 샐러드, 바나나, 사과, 토마토, 청포도로 이루어진 손연재의 식단을 공개했다.

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