Actor Ryu Soo Young & Park Ha Sun Goes to Honeymoon Before the Wedding 배우 류수영 박하선

Actor Ryu Soo Young Park Ha Sun 배우 류수영 박하선 korean celebrity

The sooner the better I guess? Actor couple Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun were in Okinawa, Japan enjoying their honeymoon. The couple apparently decided to have their honeymoon first due to having their first not to interfere with their filming schedule. They had their secret wedding today.

이달 결혼을 앞둔 배우 류수영박하선이 허니문을 떠났다. OSEN에 따르면 류수영과 박하선 소속사 관계자는 두 사람이 지난 16일 일본 오키나와로 떠나 현재 신혼여행 중이라고 18일 밝혔다.

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