Twenty Again (DVD) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (tvN TV Drama)


tvN’s charming romantic comedy Twenty Again stars Choi Ji Woo as a housewife who missed out on her youth and dreams, but a whole new world opens up when she returns to school and dares to live for herself for the first time. As a high school student, Han No Ra dreamed of becoming a dancer, but she set everything aside after getting pregnant and married at a young age. Now 38 years old, she is simply a sheltered housewife whose life revolves around an unappreciative son (Kim Min Jae, Producers) and a cheating husband (Choi Won Young, I Remember You) who is demanding divorce because she’s not up to his patronizing standards.
To improve herself and save her marriage, No Ra secretly enrolls in college, and begins to grow and change as she experiences all the things she missed out on. However, it won’t be easy to stay under the radar as not only does her son attend the same university, both her husband and her grumpy high school friend/first love (Lee Sang Yoon, Liar Game) are professors there as well!
Choi Ji Woo (최지우) | Lee Sang Yoon (이상윤) | Choi Won Young (최원영) | Park Hyo Joo (박효주) | Jeong Soo Yeong (정수영) | Choi Yoon So (최윤소) | Kim Min Jae (김민재) | Son Na Eun (Apink) (손나은)
두번째 스무살
Picture Format: NTSC
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: All Region

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