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Actor Jung Woo Sung 배우 정우성

Actor Jung Woo Sung in The King 정우성

Actor Jung Woo Sung, currently starring in the Korean movie The King, jokingly admitted to his fans that yes he is getting more handsome everyday. LOL 정우성은 18일 오전 서울...

Actor Hyun Bin 현빈 공조 Coopertaion

Actor Hyun Bin Learning from Yu Hae Jin 현빈 공조

Actor Hyun Bin stated during his interview that he learned a lot about acting from Yu Hae Jin during filming together for the movie Cooperation. Is Hyunbin going to be...

Actor Gong Yoo 배우 공유 Discovery featured

Actor Gong Yoo in New Zealand for Discovery Expedition 배우 공유

Actor Gong Yoo’s photo shoot in New Zealand for Discovery Expedition vacation series. 디스커버리 익스페디션이 연이은 흥행돌풍으로 남다른 존재감을 나타내고 있는 공유와 함께 자연과 바다를 품에 안은 도시 뉴질랜드 오클랜드에서...