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T-Ara Hyomin 티아라 효민 featured

T-Ara Hyomin at TonyMoly Event 티아라 효민

Hyomin poses at the TonyMoly launch event wearing a cute sun dress. 티아라 효민이 19일 화장품 ‘토니모리’ 브랜드 론칭 10주년 행사가 진행된 서울 종로구 효자로 아름지기에서 포즈를 취하고 있다.

T-ara-Hyomin-티아라-멤버-효민-Pool-flower featured

T-ara Hyomin Poses at the Pool 티아라 멤버 효민

Hyomin posted few pics to her SNS of herself at the pool. 효민은 28일 자신의 SNS에 수영장에서 찍은 사진을 공개했다. 사진 속 효민은 줄무늬 크롭톱과 블랙 핫팬츠를 입고 있다.

tara-hyomin-sketch-효민-스케치-back featured

Hyo Min (T-Ara) for Dazed 효민 스케치

Currently promoting her second album ‘Sketch‘, Hyomin of T-Ara posed for Dazed. I can’t figure out the concept of these photos. Hyomin doesn’t look cute or chic or sexy, these...

t-ara-Hyomin-효민-인형-외모-body featured

Barbie-like Hyomin of T-ara 효민

Hyomin is out an about wearing pink toned crop top with jeans. You can totally see her thin waist. She really has a doll like body. She recently released her...

T-ara-Hyomin-Slim-See-Through-Body-시스루-효민 featured

T-ara Hyomin Slim Dress 효민

Wearing all see through outfit, T-ara member Hyomin proudly showing her slim body. Only if she had some personality, she might be more popular. ‘위·아래 올 시스루’ 효민, 과감한 몸매...

T-ara Hyomin Facial Mask Transformation 티아라 효민

First you start off with Hyomin’s face covered in makeup. Then she removes her makeup and uses a facial mask to get a beautiful moisturized face. 1단계는 도도 시크. 오렌지...

T-ara-Hyomin-Skinny-티아라-효민 featured

Skinny T-ara Hyomin 티아라 효민

Hyomin of T-ara’s photo shoot for bnt magazine. 27 years old now, she becomes more skinny each year and more pointed chin. 효민은 능수능란했다. 하나를 이야기하면 둘을 내어 보였다. 스물일곱,...