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Haha Kwave 하하 comedian featured

Haha’s Seductive Photos for Kwave Hahaha 하하

What is the concept of these photos of comedian Haha on KWave magazine? Sexy Man? hahaha. I just love him on Infinite Challenge. He used to have a internet show...

Kara-Kwave-Park-Gyu-Ri-Black-카라-박규리 featured

Kara Park Gyu Ri for KWAVE 카라 박규리

Park Gyu Ri from idol group Kara posing for KWAVE magazine. 카라의 박규리와 프롬 디 에어포트가 앨범활동을 마치고 화보를 통해 다시 뭉쳤다.박규리와 프롬 디 에어포트(From The Airport)는 외교부가 전세계 117개국에...

Kang-Ye-Bin-in-Tub-강예빈 sexy feature

Kang Ye Bin in Tub for KWAVE 강예빈

Kang Ye Bin can’t hide her beauty no matter what she does. For KWAVE magazine, she is in the tub filled with water and flowers begging for us to come...