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AOA Japan Halloween Sexy Cosplay 일본 할로윈 공연 코프레

AOA Halloween Sexy Cosplay 일본 할로윈 공연 코프레

Cute girls from the group AOA’s Halloween party from about a week ago. 먼저 지민, 혜정, 유나, 찬미는 캣츠걸로 변신했습니다. 모두 짙은 아이메이크업에 몸매가 드러나는 의상을 매치했고요. 고양이 머리띠와 꼬리로...

AOA Seolhyun 설현 featured

AOA’s Sexiest Member 설현

I really wonder if anyone can ever take over Seolhyun as the sexiest member of AOA?

AOA Singer Seolhyun 설현 Sprite

AOA Singer Seolhyun’s Sprite Behind Cut Photos 설현

Seolhyun’s behind the scene photos of her Sprite commercial. How can someone be this cute all the time? 설현은 장시간 계속된 촬영 속에서도 지친 기색 없이 “아주 맛있다”며 음식을 폭풍...

AOA Seolhyun 설현 Sprite featured

AOA Seolhyun Jumping for Sprite 설현

Girl group AOA member Seolhyun dancing for Sprite commercial. Sprite has to be one of the most recognized drink now since our sexy Seolhyun is promoting it. 걸그룹 AOA 설현이...

AOA SeolHyun 설현 Kpop Girl Group Hazzys Korean Fashion

AOA SeolHyun Poses for the brand Hazzys 설현

Seolhyun poses with the brand Hazzys. She is maturing to be a beautiful woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if she quits AOA pretty soon. 설현은 최근 브랜드 헤지스의 브랜드 모델로서...

AOA SeolHyun 설현 Kpop Girl Group W Magazine Chic Fashion

AOA SeolHyun Looks Sexy Chic in W Magazine 설현

AOA Seolhyun poses for W Magazine. She looks healthy and more lovely as she grows up. AOA 설현이 우아한 자태를 뽐냈다. 한 패션매거진은 26일 설현의 화보를 공개했다. 화보 속 설현은...